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The Early Days of Scott Weiland & Rocco Guarino



Here’s another excerpt from the interviews we filmed with Scott Weiland before his passing in 2015 for Cerwin Vega. Rocco Guarino, his longtime producer and engineer, talks about getting started in live sound. Scott talks about his early days in the choir and joining his first band.

Special thanks to Evan MacKenzie for interviewing and JP Robelot for recording sound.

Remembering Scott Weiland



Scott Weiland was a huge musical influence on me. He had a great sense of melody, weaving vocals into musical arrangements in a beautiful, sometimes unexpected way.

I was privileged to film this interview at his recording studio. His stage presence was larger than life, but on this day he struck me as friendly but a little shy. He was happy to be spending time with his kids and taking a break from touring.

I was still editing when I heard of his passing, and it shocked me. I mourn for his family and am grateful that his wife gave us her blessing to post the interviews. I watched other interviews with Scott to prepare for this one, and it’s rare to hear him talk so frankly about the early days and his thoughts about music. His former bandmates summed it up best when they posted this version of “Atlanta”.


Special thanks to Evan MacKenzie for interviewing Scott and to JP Robelot for recording sound.