You want to start making a video, but maybe you’re unsure what to expect or how to begin.


First, describe your video on the contact page.

If you want to jump ahead, give us some additional details. That helps us get all the standard questions out of the way, so we can spend more time chatting about the big picture.

Next, we schedule a quick phone call. You can ask us questions and we can get a better idea of what the goal is for the video. We can toss a couple of ideas around and share thoughts on how to make it great.

Once we talk and decide that working together is going to produce something awesome, then we write up a short description for the video and give you a quote for the total cost. We get 50% of that total to start the project and cover production costs. The remaining 50% will be due in 30 days or at the end of the project, whichever comes first. Standard stuff.

Video Production

Next, we pick a date for the shoot and begin gathering resources. We shoot the video and begin editing shortly after. Once the video is starting to take shape, Starlight Iguana uploads it to a secure page and asks for your feedback. We go back and forth with a few revisions until we get it right.

Finally, we send you the completed video. You can release our creation to the public and reap the rewards!

Still have questions? Ask us!